Welcome to Virtual assistant association

Using virtual assistant techniques in the development of self-employment.

Who we are

Welcome to Virtual assistant association

Virtual Assistant association is a non-profit professional organization.

It offers professional education, develops virtual assistants, and raises public awareness of the importance of the role of Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistant association provides the smart knowledge and skills needed to support virtual assistants around the world.

Virtual Assistant association had been established in() under the auspices of the international Virtual Assistant association.

This association was established on the basis of its unstoppable support for Virtual Assistants. Virtual Assistant association provides different ways to communicate effectively. Virtual Assistant Association stands by its domestic, regional and international commitments to introduce a "high-quality knowledge system" in addition to distinguishing its output as one of the most important pillars of investing in the skills of the digital future.

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Diamond membership

Diamond membership offers an opportunity to attend a variety of professional and distance learning sessions that contribute to enriching your knowledge and enhancing your skills by consulting our experts on topics such as brands, marketing, social media, content creation as well as gaining new clients and more.

Golden membership

This membership enables you to privy to the digital thesaurus of the association. Virtual Assistant Association also obtains training opportunities on how to use effective tools and techniques. Finally, this membership enables you to connect and work with colleagues through events that aim to leverage the potential of the virtual assistant.

Silver membership

Silver membership allows you to meet and work with other Virtual Assistants, show your skills to others, as well as instant access to a variety of topics that are indispensable for the Virtual Assistant. We welcome Virtual Assistants who are passionate and motivated by creative ideas to share everything that drives them forward and makes inspirational achievements.


Using virtual assistant techniques in the development of self-employment


Helping ambitious people to increase their income by moving towards virtual assistant and building a high-quality knowledge system.


  • Improving skills to take advantage of virtual assistants and time management.
  • Developing knowledge in virtual assistant’s work through sophisticated and intelligent platforms.
  • Offering online books to help those willing to advance in the field of virtual assistant.
  • Developing virtual assistant’s work through effective techniques of ideas and knowledge.
  • Developing CVPMBDS matrix to measure capabilities in working as a virtual assistant.

The advantage of participating in Virtual Assistant association

Whether you're looking for opportunities to communicate or educate, if you're interested in attending expert meetings, top conferences or discounts on products and services specifically intended for you, your membership in the Virtual Assistant association would be your best option for investing in your work.

As a special member, you will have many opportunities whether by reaching out to co-workers from virtual assistants or experts who offer consultations that will develop your skills to move forward in your journey as a professional virtual assistant.

Events of Virtual Assistant association

Conferences and events are one of the most exciting and innovative ways to communicate with institutions and organizations, whether for the purpose of launching a product or presenting achievements. Conferences require a modern manner of management that is followed by the global approach of major global institutions and organizations. Virtual Assistant association and its experts team on organizational affairs seek to organize a distinct range of events and conferences, as well as to participate in international Virtual Assistant events and seminars organized by institutions and organizations interested in Virtual Assistant.


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Virtual Assistant association offers you a variety of researches and topics that improve your skills and competencies as a Virtual Assistant. These researches keep pace with rapid changes in a world where digitization has become one of the basics in which an effective Virtual Assistants must master their tools